Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Make 6 Pack Abs | Get six pack abs from Cardio Exercise

As you embark on your effort to sculpt your six-pack, you a need to factor in effective weight loss and super body-toning through a high-intensity cardio workout. Other important parts of your regimen are diet modifications, different high-intensity workouts and ab exercises.
Follow these simple instruction regularly to have six pack abs.

* Get yourself checked for high blood pressure, heart troubles etc before starting any high-intensity workout, especially those that challenge your heart.

* Start with a low-intensity, short workout.

* Initially start with just a few minutes of a few cardio exercises: power walking, spot jogging. Then increase at a slow but steady pace (around 10 per cent every week) to work up to 15 to 20 minutes over a few weeks, increasing the length of the routine and the variety of exercises.

* Do a combination of four to five exercises. This takes the pressure off the knees and keeps your interest level high.

* Work with a trainer to ensure the workouts are regularly modified to challenge your muscles and to remove boredom.

* Even in simple exercises, learn to introduce variety. For instance, when spot jogging or jumping, learn to jump sideways to make it more challenging. You can also twist-jump later to intensify the challenge.

* Always do some power stretches before you start and cool down after a workout.

* Workout at least four times a week if you intend to get a six-pack.



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