Friday, October 15, 2010

New Planet Discovered 2010 is like Earth - Gliese 581

Another Earth, but 120Trillion KM away from the Earth.

The Gliese 581 G, which is the name that its discoverers has given the new Planet discovered. People are getting excited and wondered about this new planet found over 20 light years away from out location. There are a lot of planets in this universe that are in difference composition and astronomers are able to find something closest resemblance to earth. Could lifeforms already inhabit this place? or is it still a place untouched.

The New Planet Discovered 2010 which is very similar to earth due to its location which is far from its sun and is also not too far to be so cold. This planet resides in the Goldilocks Zone and is in perfect distance similar to the earth.

The only problem right now is the capability of our technology to study this planet further. We are still years away from being able to touch this planet's atmoshere and find out what its composition is like. This new planet that has been discovered has a lot of facts that are compared to ours. It has liquids and pools forming on its surface.

Could this be the sign that there are really lifeforms from outer space? Is there more earth out there that we dont know? This New Planet Discovered 2010 is like Earth and can change history as we speak. The image here shows how the New Planet is Discovered 2010.



  1. people cannot phantom the Power and Greatness of our GOD. I believe GOD created all this things.from the beginning till in our generation right now,We may not know how it happen or how it appeared, and its very impossible, that this we're just form slowly because of the movements or whatsoever explanation could it be. the only truth is that , When GOD form the Earth in GENESIS 1 if you had read it,and to those who doesn't know yet, i encourage you to read the Bible, and when GOD begin to command many things on it. everything has Showed up.just by HIS words. so i believed this new discovered planet,"formed like EARTH" could be are second earth. Where this world we're living right now could possible be gone. WHY? tragedy from 2013, could be HIS sign that JESUS is coming soon, and if people will not repent from their wickedness there are many things to come like the typhoon haiyan, earthquakes, sickness and diseases, War until this earth will crashing down. the world we live right now is full of darkness, impurity that has been surrounded. ---- > what if this could be our second place we're we could live, with peace, Holy and pleasing in the eyes of the LORD? we can never tell about this. But His purpose and will is Good, Pleasing and Perfect. We must realized.

    1. i mean Fathom the power and the greatness of our GOD... sorry for the word Phantom. i was just so excited to comment. thanks guyz.

  2. I've always loved the fact that we find all these planets but can't get close enough to see if there is any life on them in most cases. Most planets found that they called "earth like" are in the "Goldilocks" zone perfect temperatures, water, and the possibility of plants, and trees... lets send 2 of every animal including humans to see how quickly it would populate...