Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The highest mountains of the world

I know that these posts fully, but I love the mountains and once again look at the beauty does not hurt. Everyone knows that there is the highest mountain in the world, but not everyone is of the difficulties was associated climbing on them, the name of a peak. That is why they are often called - places the righteous. It is an art, so let's learn a little about it! Qomolangma (Everest), Himalaya Although that is not fully decided what height of the mountain - 8848 m or 8850 m, Branford Ueshborna American expedition found that Everest is growing. This occurs during the high seismic activity. But the mountain is not only growing up, but also moves: the way it passes through Nepal, and continues right up to China! By the way, relatively far from here, there is a mysterious mountain of Kailash in Tibet. The top of the mountain was opened back in 1832. It is being done in India Geodetic Survey staff from the UK, which found that the mountain called Peak XV - the highest of all the peaks of the range. They called it differently: Chomolungma ("Goddess - Mother Earth"), and Dzhumulang-mafeng (which means "goddess - a bird of the storm"). In another country called Nepal, Mount, in general, called Sagarmatha. This, in turn, is translated as "heavenly heights."

At the foot of the northern slopes Ronkbuk built a monastery, which has been preserved since the Middle Ages. It is from the convent she looks especially beautiful, keeping strict height charm and harmony. Blanc, the Alps, the highest mountain in Europe (4810m) - a crystalline array, which is located in the Western Alps on the border of Italy and France. It was under her car routed tunnel connecting the two countries length of 11.6 km. At the foot of Mont Blanc are two well-known resort - Italian Courmayeur and Chamonix French. first mention of the ascent of the mountain is dated 1786, August 8. The fact that 40 million years ago, two tectonic plates collided, and thus formed a long chain of mountains that has a granite base. Over time, the wind and rain, the surface of the mountain turned into a "hedgehog" - this is what the animal looks like a variety of stone needles. Not only snowboarders, skiers and climbers tend to go on Mont Blanc - recently scientists have found here the remains of a prehistoric man who lay under the rocks 5000 years. That is why the White Mountain (her name is translated from French) is very mysterious and attractive to tourists. Aconcagua Andes This mountain - the largest in South America (6962 m). Located in the heart of the Andes in Argentina in the National Park of Aconcagua. The first recorded attempt to climb in 1897 by Englishman Edward FitzGerald. In mountain climbing is fairly easy target for conquest.However, the Mountain - the highest peak in the southern and northern hemispheres. etymology of its name is different variations: one thinks, it went from words such as Action Cahuak.In the Quechua language they are translated as "Stone Guard". Others think the name from the words of Anco Cahuac - «White Guard." Of Araucanian Aconca-Hue translated as follows - one who "comes from the other side" where the party - Aconcagua river. Ice on top of the mountain there, although on its slopes are located these glaciers that descend steeply into the valley itself. To climb to a nice outfit, which includes one or more tents, walking poles on steep trails, as well as sleeping bags. The most annoying thing is that, since the so-called White Wind, which reaches speeds of 250 km / h, and brings a big snowfall. The ascent starts from the station of Puente del Inca. McKinley, the Cordillera Typically, Mount Aconcagua is considered the highest in South and North America, but now there is a perception that still the highest peak in North America - Mac McKinley (6194m). Located in Alaska, McKinley was called "Big Mountain" because of its greatness. The mountain is located in Denali National Park. Only in the first half of the nineteenth century, the area was first studied in detail, before a thorough study expeditions were not. Unlike their counterparts in South America, Mount McKinley - a very steep mountain that is the real challenge for climbers. Also eternal biting cold (up to -83 degrees Celsius) and the ability to pick up the mountain sickness due to high latitudes and do not add to it the ease of conquest. McKinley have two heads: the southern (higher), which is most difficult to climb, and the northern that climbers visit often. It is believed if you climbed to head south, then conquered the entire top. Young scientist William Dicke, who in 1896 told the world about the highest mountain in America, suggested naming it in honor of the newly elected U.S. President William McKinley. Kilimanjaro, Africa Swahili Kilimanjaro - "shining mountain" - is important for the volcano, which covered with a cap of snow. The first conqueror of the peak - Hans Meyer, who has made it no easy matter in 1889, is the largest peak in Africa (5899 m), which spread around the savannah of Tanzania and Kenya. A characteristic feature of the mountain - sloping hillsides and the extended flat top. On hot days can be seen from a distance of only a cap mountains, giving the impression of the mountain, flying through the air. unusual in that it is able to create its own climate: humid winds, bumping up the mountain, give her water in the form of rain and snow. But despite this, the ice is slowly melting. The reason for this may serve as a warming-up of the volcano, as well as global warming. Kilimanjaro are three volcanoes: Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo - all related to the complicated history of eruptions. On the lower slopes due to the large amount of precipitation are very lush vegetation and that is where coffee and corn are grown, and with a height of 3,000 meters thick rain forest begins. Because the mountain is located near the equator, and because high-altitude zone, the man while lifting consistently overcomes virtually all climate zones, existing on Earth.



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