Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tree with explosive character

In South America and in some botanical gardens can be found cannon tree. Received this name because of the tree fruit. Outwardly they look like cannon balls, and the weight they have the right - a few pounds. But the similarities do not end there. Ripe fruits fall to the ground with a terrible roar, like a cannon shot. By the way, when a tree swaying in the gusts of strong wind, you hear the same sound.
Hiding in the rain under a tree in the yard so it is not recommended.

1. The scientific name of the tree Couroupita guianensis. Its branching trunk cover large fruit with a diameter of 30 cm

2. On the same tree can be up to 300 fruits. Local people eat it.

3. Growing season lasts 8-9 months. Ripe fruits fall to the ground and split into two halves, exuding an unpleasant smell /

4. In February - March large tree covered with beautiful flowers with a strong, sweet fragrance.

5. Flower color is very bright. All the flowers are gathered in clusters, the size of which can reach three meters

6. The flowers are thick, disproportionate to their size stem. But when the flowers appear on the site of the fruit, it becomes clear why the fragile-looking flowers as powerful foundation.

7. The fruit of the tree density cannon like coconuts. Few dare to sit down to rest by this giant.






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