Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Get Married in China You Have to Run 1 Mile

This place called National Park, Zhangjiajie. According to Chinese tradition, the groom should Record the bride’s house on his hands. This is not to make her feet touched the ground. Groomsmen decided to play a trick on him and landed just married a mile to their house. Groom’s pre-stripped to the waist – now carry it. The guy was tough nut to crack. Something where I ate him keep up.

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Straight to the home

Guests meet the newlyweds. Since the village is located inside the reserve, then all the relatives from outside the required invitation. Newlyweds task list is sent to the administration of the park indicating the degree of kinship.

Near the porch, he still made a break


Before Record bride’s house, the groom dressed up a bit

The groom carries the bride directly into their marriage bed. After them, ran a crowd of kids.

Rotten eggs – a delicious Chinese dish.

Brass bands are indispensable parties to any celebration.



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